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Flat rate repairs on EDS labeled equipment include labor and all small parts costing less than $10. FEDEX GROUND shipping will be added within 48 states USA. We will email you with a total cost when we receive and check out your unit. Be sure to include your email, name, address and phone number with your unit. We will also repair units we make for our OEM clients, such as Advanced Light Devices and Intelli-Cell; email us first and be sure all your information is with the unit for repair.
  • EDS-50 series Digital Moving Dot Tachometer $29
  • EDS-52 series T/F/C MultiFunction Unit $89
  • EDS-57 series Passive Equalizer $49
  • EDS-59 series SemiAnalyzer $79
  • EDS-61 series Preamp & Control Center $79
  • EDS-63 series Programmable Light sequencer $149
  • EDS-64 series Power Supply $39
  • EDS-66 series Speaker load Analyzer $29
  • EDS-68 series Bus Line Tracer $39
  • EDS-69 series TeleTester $59
  • EDS-71 series A/C Sentry $39
  • EDS-72 series Function Generator $79
  • EDS-76 series MicroAnalyzer $79
  • EDS-80 series ProCar Protection System $149
  • EDS-81 series Selective Transfer Unit $49
  • EDS-82 series LeakSeeker $49
  • EDS-87 series QuatroPlater $99
  • EDS-88 series CapAnalyzer $49
  • EDS-89 series LeakSeeker $49
  • Intelli-Cell battery charger/analyzer $149
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